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    Stephen Hayes

    I started training 18 months ago with the soul aim of getting that perfect body that I’ve seen so many times grace the covers of either Calvin Klein adverts or Men’s Health magazines. 8 months into the gym although I had started to feel a lot stronger and psychologically better I just wasn’t actually seeing the results.
    Although I had spoken to a few different trainers at the gym over my 8 months there, they always seemed an expensive luxury and pride almost got in the way being at the gym for so long and then having to ask a trainer for some help.
    After doing a workout in early ’10 I got some great feedback from a trainer who’d be watching my exercise workout from across the studio. He was Andre. He showed me a few pointers and routines to strengthen my core and for someone to spend some quality time with me and I wasn’t his client, it’s a rare quality to find.
    I followed his advice and the results started to work – and I could certainly feel them work too. Every time I went back and I saw Andre around he would point me in the right direction and he got to know what made me tick. This was a person I could count on and I wanted to spend my gym time with.
    It still requires my understanding that it’s a journey that I’m on and not a destination but with Andre’s upbeat support, positive feedback and encouragement he provides a fantastic experience.
    The physical results that I have achieved to date has been down to André’s individualized, diverse and contemporary methods. He’s not like other trainers as he thinks outside the box and he gets to know you. I see André once a week and then have my own workouts and it’s an affordable cost as he’s flexible around my working hours. He has instilled my confidence and I’ve quietly discovered the Men’s Health model in me that I never knew.


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    Phil Castle

    I started working with André when I was looking for a PT to help me train for the New York marathon. I had met and had trial sessions with a few but none seemed to really 'care' about what my fitness goals were. With André, his help and commitment to me were priceless. He searched out new training methods for each week to keep the sessions exciting and was always letting me know what I had to do for my sessions when I was training alone.
    After I had completed the marathon, I continued to train with André once a week. He took me to a level of fitness that I never knew I had (or could reach) and, if I had not moved out of the area, I would still be using his services now. In fact, I have never since met a trainer of his commitment, knowledge and drive to make his clients reach the goals they want and subsequently do not use one at present. I would strongly recommend you use André - he is definitely the best out of many I have used or tried and a pleasure to train with.


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    Jonathan Smith

    I value the thought and effort that André puts into my training.  He helps me to achieve my potential by ensuring the training is right for me – tailor made exercises which produce highly effective results.  As well as being a great motivator, he really knows how to get the best out of me.  I always leave a session knowing that I have made progress towards my goals.
    André’s sessions are highly individual and always relevant to my needs as a combat sports participant.  As a functional trainer, his skills and knowledge are second to none.  He makes sure that my injuries are managed effectively, allowing me approach the exercises confidently and with maximum effort.  As hard as the sessions can be, they are always rewarding, and I know that I am fitter and stronger as a result.



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    Caroline Groves

    André has been my personal trainer since October 2009. My decision to undertake personal fitness training was a ‘last ditch attempt’ to manage my overall health. Although an active ‘outdoor’ person  (I windsurf, rock climb and ski), in my late 40’s after a period of ill health, I found it increasingly difficult to maintain my general fitness and attempts at self-training were unbalanced with frustratingly short lived results.
    Andre’s approach to training me has been based, not only on his understanding of what I want from my body and what sports and activities are fundamental in my life, but also in understanding my mental attitude to exercise and fitness and where I experience difficulties and blocks. From this André has used his breadth of health and fitness knowledge to design a creative exercise programme that has kept my interest, motivated me and which he has continually adapted in response to my increasing fitness levels. Using a combination of resistance training, kickboxing routines and cardio workouts, André has introduced me to fitness as an integrated part of my life and complimentary to all my outdoors activities.  As a result I have become stronger, healthier, leaner, defined and toned and my weight has reduced from 75 to 63 kilos.
    My aim with personal training has always been to improve my fitness, but being able to wear my favourite pair of turquoise board shorts I had ‘grown out of’ 5 years ago was a definite bonus! Andre has always made training the right combination of hard work and fun with a purpose and has opened the door to new physical and mental challenges for me, from taking up kickboxing to learning to snowboard to training for a marathon.
    Throughout all of our training his enthusiasm, focus and long term vision has supported and motivated me to ‘find a way’ – even when I couldn’t see it myself - and help me push past my perceived limits. Finally his professional approach is one of passion and commitment to his craft, which has engendered a deep sense of trust and respect from me as his client.

    In October 2009 I thought my undertaking personal fitness training had a shelf life of 3 months, now I see it as integral to getting the best out of and for, myself.

    Thank you André.